Dr Kris Mylonas


Dr Kris Mylonas, a graduate of the University of Qld, also trained locally at the Princess Alexandra Hospital in Brisbane. Over his 40 years’ of experience, Kris has worked as a General Practitioner, Medical Superintendent of several rural hospitals in Central Qld, as a Sports Physician to a premier Brisbane football club. He has held medical education roles within RACGP, Divisions of General Practice, and corporate medical training organisations, and has recently completed over 10 years’ experience as a Clinical Coach and CBL tutor for the University of Qld, Faculty of Medicine. Kris joined this practice in November 2019, having worked for about 25 years in the surrounding Carindale districts.

In his general practice, Kris prefers to adopt an integrative approach to Medicine; in other words, combining the best aspects of conventional medicine, with other modalities that may complement his subsequent patient care. This includes the use of more lifestyle, dietary, psychological and alternate medical options, at such times that he believes they would be more likely to deliver a successful outcome. Always, Kris prefers an approach with the focus more upon health promotion, lifestyle management and disease prevention rather than a sole reliance on pharmaceuticals.